Thank you for your interest in our program!

Through the connections that have been made in our Operation Hire A Vet Program, we have witnessed the unparalleled work ethic that veterans have due to their time experiences in the military. It has been incredibly rewarding to hear the feedback from both the veterans in our program, and their employers. Many have created lasting bonds and friendships, which speaks to the success of this program. We are so grateful for the important work that you do within the agricultural industry, and feel humbled by your consideration to include Ranchin’ Vets in your recruitment efforts.

Here is some information about our Operation Hire A Vet program that we would like you to know:

  • Veteran candidates must provide contact information, military discharge paperwork (DD214), copy of driver’s license and three references.

  • At Ranchin’ Vets, we do our due diligence in verifying veteran status and military service, along with checking references provided. We do not conduct a background check, and advise all employers to follow their regular hiring procedures.

  • We require that a Veteran’s discharge status be “Honorable”. A discharge status of “Other Than Honorable” or “Dishonorable” will prevent a veteran from successfully registering with our program.

  • Once a veteran completes the registration requirements, and all documents and references are successfully checked and verified, they receive access to our exclusive Online Veteran Community, where they have the ability to search our Ag Job Board for opportunities in their area. Our Veteran Community also features a Resource Library where we share information about other veteran service organizations and benefits available to veterans.

  • If a veteran becomes hired by an agricultural employer through our Ag Job Board, they become eligible for the stipend component of our program. Our fundraising efforts allow us to issue this stipend every two weeks for up to six months, or until the end of the employment agreement (whichever comes first). This stipend is issued directly from Ranchin’ Vets to the veteran, and was designed to assist with housing, clothing and transportation expenses. Each month, a veteran is required to provide a copy of their paystub to their profile within the Veteran Community, in order to verify employment status during the stipend period. This stipend is intended to provide financial assistance to our veterans during their transition, and is not intended to compensate a portion of their paycheck. We request that all employers treat veterans as a W2 employee. If at any time the employment ceases, the veteran is required to advise Ranchin’ Vets.